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Frequently Asked Questions

Is networking field right for me?

If you do not hate mathematics, and have a logical thinking approach, networking if definitely for you. Networking is connecting the resources ( Printers, Servers etc ) and users with computers across the world. In today’s world, need for networking is growing on a per day basis. Businesses want to be connected with their branches, on a 24x7x365 basis, so if you know the art of networking, can hardly be out of work.

Why CCNA is considered a stepping stone?

Yes, CCNA is a stepping stone to networking and Cisco Certifications. There are no per-requisites to CCNA course. It starts with the basic understanding of the OSI layered model. It also gives basic understanding of the Cisco devices build architecture and basic commands to start installing the Cisco devices.

How IPGenius CCIE Voice Boot Camp is better than others?

Our high success ratio in the CCIE voice is one of the reason this course might be a life changer for you. Instructor pays personal attention to all CCIE Voice students. Classes are recorded on an HD format, and available for viewing on each student pod.

Can I pay my fee in parts?

Generally, the fees are due upon start of the class, but we do provide installments and it depends on per student basis.

Can I register myself for a course few months in advance?

We open registration 30 days in advance of start of the course.

Can a foreign student join IPGenius courses?

Provided you manage the Visa yourself and land in the country with a valid Visa, you can join a course which is less than 6 months and as per the guidelines of the CIC, Canada.

Will I get a group discount if I bring my friends with me?

Sure, contact the front desk for such group discounts.